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ROLE: Web designer

Mary Pickford Foundation: I was hired by the Mary Pickford Institute & Library to create their first website back in 2003. I collaborated with the producers and the library’s manager on content layout and creation to reflect Mary Pickford’s legacy, the institute and the film library’s resources. I was responsible for creating the website’s look & feel, web page design, online photo gallery, and web development. I redesigned, updated and maintained the Mary Pickford website through 2011.

Cecil B. DeMille Foundation: I was hired by the Cecil B. DeMille Foundation and Estate to create the very first online legacy of Cecil B. DeMille. I collaborated with the family, the Hollywood Film Library and writers on the content layout creation for the website that reflects the famous director’s work and life achievements. I designed the layouts of the film and photo galleries, defined branding and created its advertising campaign. The website was launched in 2003 and I supported and updated it until 2009.

  • Concept, layout & brand design
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Marketing design
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