anastasia osling

I am a senior designer with over 15 years of experience crafting highly impactful, visual, and engaging digital media experiences.

I started my design career in the booming world of the dot-com era in Los Angeles. I designed a number of online projects with key roles at every stage of the design process from concept creation to website production.

Nowadays, I effectively utilize my design experience to focus on solving problems for consumer-facing products such as web applications and custom mobile apps. I combine analytical skills that favor usability, organization, and structure with creativity. This produces visually balanced and functional work that yields high-quality outcomes, meets customer needs, and delivers business objectives.

design expertise

I bring my creativity and design experience to companies and individual clients. I develop solid workable, effective, and beautiful solutions for mobile apps, online applications, and websites.

unlimited options
  • mobile & web app design
  • concept design
  • user experience
  • branding & marketing
UI/UX design
  • creative user interface solutions
  • Prototyping & wireframes
  • Pixel perfect Design mockups
  • data-rich interfaces
Website Design
  • Custom web site design
  • Landing or splash page design
  • WordPress websites
  • Web site content updates
customizable design
  • customizable user interfaces
  • Design UI Pattern Libraries
  • Module Design
  • customizable Assets

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