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Juxtapose –
To place side-by-side unexpected combinations of colors, shapes and ideas.

I learned this word when studying exam vocabulary while in pursuit of a Masters in Offshore Engineering, my first career in Russia. The word helped to clarify my life in the 90s, as a new immigrant to the US. "Juxtaposed" defined my experience, with all the unexpected cultural changes, contrasting values, and opportunities. And the booming world of the dot-com era, defining my years in LA, was a real juxtaposition as well - with its unprecedented combinations of technologies with design and arts. This drew me away from engineering to the world of art and technology, where I completed a 2-year degree for New Media Design. Then, in 2001, I launched my career as a multimedia designer freelancing under Juxtaweb.com, paying homage to my favorite word.

With years of experience, I have learned to combine analytical skills that favor usability, organization and structure, with my creative skills, to produce visually balanced, pleasing, yet functional work for my many private clients, as well as corporate employers.


of Anastasia Osling

Design samples: responsive, mobile, web, ecommerce / 2000-2014

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Anastasia Osling


As a designer I focus on crafting highly impactful and visually engaging experiences across all devices. I have over 14 years of design experience, during which I contributed to the product design of successfully launched multiple partner platform based websites, marketing campaigns and mobile applications. As, part of the design team, I worked closely with Engineers, UX and Product Managers to design products that are intuitive and accessible to users.

  • A & F Productions
  • Alelo, Inc
  • Aparius Solutions
  • CarsDirect
  • Cecil B. DeMille Foundation
  • H.R. Colby Law
  • Internet Brands
  • Marc Richards Art Gallery
  • Mary Pickford Foundation
  • RentPath
  • Sher Gelb Accounting
  • Stephanie Glass Solomon, Artist Activist
  • TRUECar / Zag


I enjoy working on my own multimedia storytelling projects, using my photography and design skills to tell a story. I designed an online travel journal (2008) and kept my travel blog on the cross-country trip to Siberia (2012).


I am working on the mobile application project that facilitates green technology consumption, 3CO Drive. I am looking for funding and collaborators for the project.


Anastasia Osling

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Would love to hear from you. For any questions about identity, web and wordpress design please send email

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